Appledore, Mead St., Waccabuc, NY 10597

Historic Restoration of Appledore, Mead St., Waccabuc, NY 10597

Historic Restoration Mead St, Waccabuc, NY

In the summer of 2016 we restored this historic cottage on Mead St. in Waccabuc, NY. It needed extensive carpentry repair and sanding before we could begin priming and painting. Pound Ridge Painting Company is proud to be a part of preserving local historic landmarks.

A bit of the house’s history from “A History of the Town of Lewisboro”, published in 1981 by the Lewisboro History Book Committee, South Salem, NY:
“Between this point and the township line of North Salem a mile farther on, there are evidences of several more houses, perhaps a cellar-hole or a fieldstone chimney or the rocks of a root cellar, but these are all gone except for one old place once called Appledore. It is on the right side of the road, a story and a half, with generous front porch now, built snugly into a huge rock ledge with only a bit of yard around it. This probably dates back to the early eighteen hundreds. The builder and early inhabitants have vanished into limbo, but in 1912 the house was very much in its original state. A single apple tree stood in the front yard, next to a dug well about twenty feet deep, the only source of water except the rain barrel at the corner of the house…
In one of the two rooms downstairs was a large shallow fireplace with a crane for the iron kettle…Up a steep flight of stairs two small bedrooms were tucked under the slope of the roof. To us today it sounds primitive, but to the man who built it, it must have seemed like a palace compared to the log houses of his neighbors. Many of the early houses in the vicinity were built into the side of a hill or bank, so that the stone foundation formed the first story, then a framed second story placed atop that, thus conserving both the labor of excavation and precious lumber. The oldest part of the Homestead on Mead Street shows this type of construction.”
From the homeowner:
“Pound Ridge Painting Co. did a superb, thorough job in the 2 weeks that they worked on our house. We appreciated their attention to detail and consideration of our antique home. It was an investment in terms of cost, but well worth the price. Thanks to the team for a job well done.”
“An update to this review (nearly half a year later): Pound Ridge Painting Co. is incredible! A small seasonal detail got overlooked by me the owner and they returned months later to complete it immediately and professionally. Their work and service is truly superb.”
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