Office Manager/Anna Roberts

To many of you, Anna Roberts, our office manager, is the calming, professional voice of Pound Ridge Painting. Anna is gifted in that she creates calm and order out of what would otherwise be chaos. We thought a little background about Anna is long overdue.

Anna was born and raised in Eastern Connecticut in a 1770 farmhouse. She is the daughter of a college professor and mathematician. So not surprisingly, she was surrounded by logic and order.

Her first painting project was her parent’s living room. Fifteen by thirty feet with plenty of wood trim all for $100! It took her the better part of the Summer.

After graduating from Westtown School, she went on to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts at SUNY New Paltz.

Her lifelong interest and work in the arts took her from a ceramic studio to bronze foundries to design studios. The partnership of design and the mechanics of creation have been constant throughout her career. Much of the work we do at Pound Ridge Painting is the bringing together of aesthetics and old-world craftsmanship. However, the bringing together requires suppliers, tradespeople, the client’s vision and often, patience. Anna’s artistic experience and sense of calm are key in putting it together.

We recently had a project whereby we were painting brick but needed to give it the “it’s been like this for years” look. There were three samples sections done and technically they were all equal. With both Anna and Pat Reddy, our founder, having art backgrounds, it enabled us the find the right one for our client. Our work is much more than just putting on paint!

As always, estimates and advice are free with Pound Ridge Painting. We welcome joining you on all your projects, large and small! It all starts with your call.