Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper: Removal and Installation

The most enticing benefit of wallpaper is the wide range of patterns and styles available. From classic fabrics to playful kids’ patterns to stylish modern designs, wallpaper offers a room texture and an appearance that paint simply cannot duplicate. No matter what kind of room you are looking to alter, there is sure to a wallpaper that you will love! Please visit our home page.

Prior to wallpaper installation, it is essential to remove the old wallpaper and properly prepare the walls. Our professionals will carefully remove all old wallpaper while minimizing damage to the walls. They will make all necessary repairs and apply the proper primer.

When installing wallpaper, special care must be taken to cut the paper to the right lengths to ensure proper coverage. Our wallpaper experts will precisely trim and hang your wallpaper. They will take the necessary steps to match the seams and assure proper adhesion. Contact us now for a free estimate on your wallpaper project.

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