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About The Pound Ridge Painting Company

Pound Ridge Painting Company is honored to be accredited by the National Trust for Historical Preservation. Pound Ridge Painting Company is also a fully licensed, insured and EPA lead certified firm. The origin of our company goes back over 40 years when Patrick Reddy began painting during the summers of his college years to make some extra money. After spending 10 years painting houses in the suburbs, he was called to work on the challenging buildings of Manhattan. For 20 of his 40 years in this business, he worked in Manhattan with European Masters on decorative finishes. Patrick learned the value of paying attention to detail, spending the necessary time to do the job right and excellent customer service. He understands both the business side and the artistic side of being a painting contractor. Patrick enjoys the creativity owning his own business requires and the independence it gives him.  He also loves the people he meets.

Our Service Areas

Based in Pound Ridge, NY and New Canaan, CT,  Pound Ridge Painting Company is proud to serve the following areas:

The Meaning of a Good Paint Job

“Forty years ago, people understood that sweat and dirt were hallmarks of important work. Today, that understanding has faded. Somewhere in our economy’s massive transition from manufacturing to financial services, we have forsaken skilled labor, along with many aspects of our traditional work ethic.”- Mike Rowe

Exterior Paint Prep New Canaan, CT

At Pound Ridge Painting Company, we take pride in our skilled painters and carpenters and in restoring the traditional work ethic.

History and Architecture

Exterior Painting of Church Pen and Ink

 “Community Church of Pound Ridge” pen and ink

Here in the northeast the landscape is blessed with many historic homes. Sometimes it may be more cost effective to build a home from scratch rather than preserve it. Fortunately, enough homeowners in Westchester and Fairfield counties see the value of retaining these historic structures built by the forebears of our country. We have had the privilege to work on several in the area including the Mead Street house, Betsy Hunt house and the Benjamin Brown house.

Pound Ridge Review

The Pound Ridge Review

Pound Ridge Painters PaintsMy friend the author,Eric Metaxas, wrote this article for The Pound Ridge Review about Pound Ridge Painting Co. in 1994.  Eric is the author of “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” and “If You Can Keep It”.