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Beech Hill Lane, Pound Ridge, NY 10576

We are expert professional painting contractors in both interior painting and exterior painting as well as carpentry and carpentry repair. We are located on Westchester Avenue in Scotts Corners and are proud to be considered the best local painters for Pound Ridge, NY 10576.  Please visit our home page if you are looking for a painter in Pound Ridge.

There is no great secret to obtaining exceptional results.  It takes time, relentless attention to detail and top-of-the line materials. That combined with hard work you end up with craftsmanship that stands the test of time. We guarantee that your experience with us will be unmatched.

A fresh coat of paint is not only beautiful, but it protects your home against the harsh elements that we experience here in the northeast.  The durability of the paint job depends so much on the quality of the preparation and the methods of application. On a  typical Pound Ridge Painting job, we spend more than twice the time on preparation than we do on application.

Pound Ridge is a cozy town located away from main highways, industrial development and commercial sprawl. In the early 1800’s the main occupations of it’s residents was shoe making and basket making. In the

Exterior Painting Pound Ridge NY

Westchester Ave., Pound Ridge, NY 10576

1900’s, Pound Ridge was a pioneer in open space and land preservation.

“After interviewing three painting contractors (and a recommendation from local hardware) we received a very fare quote from Patrick at Pound Ridge Painting.  When Oscar and the crew arrived on schedule and time, they immediately went to work and did a fantastic job from start to finish. We are so pleased with the quality of work performed, clean up and attention to detail (great caulking job) that we’d highly recommend Pound Ridge Painting Co.”- Glen B., Pound Ridge

Pound Ridge Painting Services Include:

Residential House Painting
Expert Restoration
Carpentry Repair
Cedar Roof Treatments
Cedar Shingle: Wash, Restore, Brighten
Fine Paints of Europe/Swedish Putty
Wood Staining
Brick and Chimney Whitewash
Teak Furniture Treatments
Deck Staining and Painting
Power Washing
Molding and Trim
Siding replacement and repair
Fences, Pergolas and Gates
Window and Door Replacement
Decks and Railings
Stucco Repair
Interior Trim
Wainscoting and Paneling
Ceiling Treatments
Woodpecker Damage
Residential House Painting
Sheet Rock Repair
Skim Coating
Carpentry Repair
Kitchen Cabinets
Fine Paints of Europe/Swedish Putty
Venetian Plaster
Wood Staining
Custom Finishes
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